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java Java Applets

All the applets featured here are based on Java AWT 1.1 version. So, they should all work fine with any browser with the Java support. You do not need any external plug-in.

Name Description
Download Menubar An applet that can add menu navigation to your site.

java Windows Applications

The applications provided here are available for FREE download. All of them were developed using Visual C++ 6.0. These are general purpose windows applications, which are tested and are already in use by many.

Name Description
Download GenScheduler This utility allows you to add/view/configure Appointments
Download GenPrinters This utility allows you to view/configure local/network printers
Download GenFileFinder A File/Folder searching utility
Download GenFTP An FTP application
Download GenDiskCleaner Disk Cleaner utility
Download GenVCProjectCleaner VC++ Project files Cleaner utility
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