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java JavaBeans Components

All the downloadable components featured here are based on Java AWT 1.1 version. And hence all these components can be used in any applet and can be tested with browsers with Java Support. You need not have any extra overhead of plug-ins to use these components.

Name Description
Download Multiline Label Control An AWT control which can multiple lines text that wraps at the control's border.
Download Slider Control AWT version of the Java Swing Slider control.

ActiveX ActiveX Components

These components are developed using Visual C++ 6.0. These components are used in our applications and products (SmartLabâ„¢ etc) we developed. Unlike the Java Beans, these Components are not FREE for use. If you wish to get a licensed version of the components click here. However, you can use the following download links to download the FREE unregistered version of the component.

Name Description
Download GenFlatButton A flat button that allows to set properties like picture, picture for hover, an alternate picture and a picture for alternate hover.
Download GenFrame A flat frame control which also acts as a container for other controls. It has the abilities to set the background color, title font, title font color and border color.
Download GenEditNumeric A text box control that allows to enter only numeric values. You can set the properties to read either integer or float values.
Download Gen3DLine A control that draws a 3D line on a container.
Download GenVRuler A control that draws a vertical ruler.
Download GenHRuler A control that draws a horizonatal ruler.
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