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The team at Barion works hard designing, developing and implementing quality solutions for our clients. They are selected on the basis of their ability to learn as well as their academic achievement. We follow the offshore development model where we divide the software project activities between an offshore development facility and a client's on-site location. This model is very attractive to IT organizations because of the following factors:

  • Access to a large pool of highly skilled English speaking IT professionals.
  • The capability to work on specific projects on a 24-hour basis by exploiting time zone differences between India and Client sites.
  • The ability to provide high quality IT services at internationally recognized standards.

Website / Portal Development

Following is a list of some of the websites/portals we have completed including content management systems.

Product Development

Following is a list of some of the Products we have completed.

  • SmartLabâ„¢ - Smart way to manage diagnostic/medical centre operations
  • Strand Electrical Appliances
  • Cafezee
  • iCreateDIRECT - CDROMBuilder
  • Digital Library
  • Sentence Diagramming Editor
  • SaleTrack - Sales Automation and Tracking System
  • Database Browser
  • Power Builder Tools like Search, Find/Replace, Menu attributes etc
  • Database Tools like Copy rows, Recovery, Schedule backup etc
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