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Barion offers several offshore engagement models to our clients including customer-site capability. Barion Engineers can work out of customer’s location if necessary, especially during the project planning or integration/delivery phase. For large scale projects, or ODC, Barion recommends a dedicated contact at the customer’s site. This person can be provided by Barion, or at the customer’s discretion. We always embrace customer visits to our office in India

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Companies seeking to leverage a global development model to accelerate product introduction and reduce costs should utilize the Barion Offshore Development Centers (ODC) model. Barion ODC seamlessly works as an extension of your own development/engineering organization. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, understanding of the application of technologies in various industry domains, and proactive project management practices ensure that customers derive long term sustainable business benefits.

Fixed Bid Projects

Barion supports a fixed bid model for smaller projects whose specifications are available up front, or for small pilot projects, typically new customer introduction prior to initiating a longer term business relationship. In this model, we review project specifications, and provide a fixed quote and time estimate to execute the project.

Build – Operate – Transfer (BOT)

The BOT model is ideal for companies who wish to eventually set up their own development or engineering centers in India. Initially, the client would initiate India development through Barion using the ODC model. Subsequently, the client would take over the team of resources when specific goals are achieved in size and delivery capacity. Barion BOT model saves our customers significant cost, and reduces the risks associated with starting an operation in an unknown region on their own.

Offshore documentation is critical to the tracking and success of the project, therefore, Design Specs, Functional Specs, and Delivery timelines are always a part of our client collateral which ensures to our clients, that Barion will provide a thorough and well thought out technical plan in accordance to best practices and IT industry standards.

Lastly, Barion provides progress reporting, Q & A sessions, offshore Project Management, and functional design reviews as part of our normal communication process through the planning, development, and delivery phases.

Barion provides complete customer satisfaction, we stand by our commitments.

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