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Collapse Mario Magnasco, Project Manager, PMP, Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software (IT)

Siemens PLM Italy is in collaborating with Barion since January 2008. Sudhir Meduri, after some initial months on-site to set up an efficient implementation process, is now supporting the Italian team with very good developments on multiple projects.

In Ansaldo Segnalamento, now in full production, Sudhir contribution was decisive in achieving success; this success gave birth to a following new global project, now under development.

In Ansaldo Energia Sudhir is providing a constant stream of implementations, as in Whitehead Alenia.

From a general point of view, the contribution of Barion has become decisive in increasing software development volumes and quality in a budget-constrained environment.

Many thanks to Barion for their valuable help.

Collapse Shashi Shashidhar, Senior Consultant, Siemens PLM Solutions

I just heard that our project (Tiffany) received the "Project of the Year" award!!! Congratulations to all of you. Your hard work is what made this happen. This is a tremendous achievement in light of all the projects (there are a lot) going on in the services organization.

I wanted to thank all of you for being agile and flexible to accommodate all the fluid Tiffany needs (enhancement requests are still trickling in). This has been a great project in which we worked with a customer in a new area where we had limited experience. I am sure all of us learnt something new while working on this project, especially since we were forced to delve into areas no one had considered.

Congratulations again, and keep up the good work.

Collapse Bart Skrbec, President, iTek Services Inc.

Barion Solutions supported several PLM offshore development projects for me at SDRC/EDS for clients like General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Seagate, and many others. Barion always delivers and stands by their work, guaranteeing complete satisfaction. As one of iTeks critical success partners, Barion continuos to support iTek's bushiness growth and product technology with architecture technology and development/programming delivery. Barion stays current in technologies including website and global services, delivery best practices, QA tools expertise, and industry standard superior roll-out methodologies.

Barion's management team is easy to work with, and their work ethic and client care is outstanding. This is a company you can trust and rely on. Expect outstanding value in delivery while establishing a meaningful long term business relationship when working with Barion.

Collapse Arun Jacob, Managing Director, Array Consulting Private Limited

This is to place on record our appreciation of the work done by Barion towards the development of our online platform (using .NET technology) for the study abroad industry. They were instrumental in understanding our needs and translating them into a successful software that now powers our entire operations. We place on record our appreciation of the work done by them.

Collapse Gautam, Managing Director, Idea Wizards Services Private Limited

As per my today's meeting I had a look at the web application built in .NET and I am really happy that I chose Barion solutions for the development of this project. With your permission I would like to present a small gift from IWIZ to the Project lead and the programming team. All of them worked really hard which I must appreciate.

Collapse Ashish Sapre, Delivery Manager, Siemens PLM Software India Pvt Ltd

It gives me extreme pleasure to express that MTU has made a decision to go-live today with our C1 functionality. Last few weeks each and everyone on the team at onshore as well as at offshore had been putting in lot of efforts and collaboration has indeed helped. I want to thank each and everyone on the team who was involved directly or indirectly in this activity.

There were lot of challenges on this project and we certainly went through some rough patches. However, only the resolve and character of this team has made us go through and deliver. Special thanks to Hans-Joerg and company for supporting us through rough times and making this possible. It is certainly a big achievement for all of us.

And it is our commitment to improve our further releases with lot of improvements. Let's take this effort to a different level.

You all are stars of MTU.

Collapse Shawn Vanderburgt, PLM Administrator, Magna Closures

I just wanted to give you an update and let you know that all of your custom tools have finished successfully in the production environment now: Thanks again for the excellent work and support your team has provided so far during this project. Your dedication to last minute code additions/corrections has been much appreciated by the Magna team.

Collapse Sanjeev Tyagi, Project Manager Professional Services, Siemens PLM Solutions, Canada

Thanks for the update Shawn and Raj and for your best support and excellent work during entire Magna Closure project. Raj, I really appreciate professionalism and dedication of you and your team. Please convey my big thanks to both Monica and Aravind.

Collapse Prasad Thutapalli, Project Manager, Siemens PLM Software India Pvt Ltd

The credit goes to you and team for the commitment you have shown towards the project working long hours and late nights when needed and making it grand success. We will be very glad to have you and team on our future projects and any subsequent assignments from Magna as well.

Sanjeev, I also appreciate the patience with which you have coordinated and managed the project and involvement you have shown when it was essential and thanks for making us successful. I also want to thank you for supporting the project with additional funds.

I want to thank Aboli for her invaluable contribution in providing suggestions and technical inputs, even when she was very busy with other tasks.

Thank you all

Collapse Uday Takbhate, Implementation Consultant, Siemens PLM Software India Pvt. Ltd

Barion is a highly respected Consultancy with many years of invaluable experience under Raj Tapadia's leadership. One of the Barion consultants, Rajashekar Reddy was instrumental in successful implementation of the PLMVDM website project at Siemens PLM Software. The project was demanding and stakeholders were global. The project team was geographically distributed (1 SPLM consultant, Pune + 1 Barion consultant, Hyderabad). Despite of all the challenges, Barion delivered the project before timeline and with quality.

I would like to thank Barion team for high professionalism and dedication. I wish Raj and team all the best of luck in all future endeavors.

Collapse Twitchell Clay, Fluke

I have applied the updates and installed them in our development installation. All seems to be working OK. Thanks for the efforts of your and your team. I have reviewed the documentation and I must say that you have done an impressive job.

Collapse Bertrand Hugues, Project Manager, UGS

Very good work. I really like the "user interface" which is all into one config file. Thanks for all the good work on the scripts, once again I think Barion is saving us by taking on work and delivering to quality.

It’s been a great pleasure to work with you. Barion did save the GD project many times with on time and on quality delivery month after month without exception. Barion can be a great asset for quality Teamcenter implementations in the region.

Collapse K Gayathri, MD (Pathology), Consultant Pathologist, Lifeline Speciality Laboratory for Blood Disorders

At Lifeline, SmartLab has been in use since inception in January 2006. It is extremely user friendly and is robust too.

We apply this for patient registration, sample tracking, report generation, statistical analysis and also test result analysis. In addition it has administrative applications that are simple to apply and easy for a new user to adapt.

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